We believe there is not solely one way to approach architecture for every situation.  We collaborate with clients, deciding and influencing on how to approach each project.  Carefully considering the relationship of light, scale and materiality while emphasizing movement throughout a sequence of spaces, with a keen interest in the dialogue between the interior and exterior.  The relationship with the land on which we build should not stop at the front door and if you listen closely enough it will tell you how to maintain harmony between the two.  Incorporating principles of energy efficiency and sustainable design are important to the environment as a whole, your small piece of it and a valuable way to lower building operating expenses that bring value to our clients.

Mark Wryan Design firmly believes the true success of a project comes from within the client, reflecting their wants and desires and building upon their dreams. The client is the most important part of the equation of any design project, followed by the program, the site and finally the style. Great architecture comes in many forms and it is the expressions of the team that coalesce into one cohesive, beautiful design. They say that everyone has a story to tell.  It is your life’s experience that contributes to your story in which you are the lead. Whether it is a fond childhood memory, a villa from a far-flung exotic holiday, a tour of a historic manor, your honeymoon cottage or a modern museum that somehow inspires your own masterpiece.

When completing speculative housing Mark Wryan Design draws upon years of experience to give potential buyers everything that they could ever want in a home plus many of things that they had no idea they could live without.

We spend half of our lives in the homes in which we live. At Mark Wryan Design we want you to feel that there is no place like home.